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"I have the pleasure of being able to share my knowledge and passion of music with some fantastic students." Chris Deering 


Raphael in Studio.jpeg

Raphael has been learning to play acoustic guitar with Chris for 9 months now, and really enjoys playing. Chris is patient and as well as making lessons fun and engaging, shows great diplomacy when giving constructive feedback, which is really important when teaching younger children.

Raphael’s technical ability is developing well and he has really grown in confidence over the last month or so now he has built a good understanding of reading music. As well as working through his music book, Chris has also taught Raphael to play parts of songs that he likes, which has been a great way to motivate him to practise regularly! - Irene

Hannah X

Memories - Maroon 5.png

Chris is an excellent piano teacher. He is thoughtful and gave me tailored practices to help me with the areas that I struggled with. I have gained a lot more confidence in playing piano and am happy with the improvements. I highly recommend Chris to anyone who wants to learn to play piano. - Hannah X 

Noah M

Dario R

Noah Mayfield Photo - Lose Yourself .jpeg

“Noah has worked with Chris for several years and enjoyed every minute. His technical playing has improved immeasurably, as has his confidence in playing in front of others. Whether at Chris’s studio or by video call, the lessons are well structured and always have a target, and Chris gives great encouragement and feedback throughout.


When Noah was younger, I sat in on the lessons - now Noah is happy to do lessons as a one-to-one, and I enjoy hearing from Noah what he’s learnt during each session, and hearing him practising in the latest challenge Chris has set for him. Noah would not be the confident young guitarist he is without Chris’s help - we think he's great!”- Ben M 

Glyn B

Glyn Reivew Photo .jpeg

Glyn B 

“I have been studying electric guitar with Chris for over four years now and throughout this period he has been very professional, supportive, and entirely reliable.

Before starting lessons with Chris, I had completed Rockschool Grade 1. I had begun Grade 2 but felt I was struggling to tie down the subtleties that make the difference in the pieces. With Chris’s help I have now attained Rockschool Grades 2, 3 and 4 and I am currently studying for Grade 5.


Chris is able to share his strong knowledge of music theory in a fun and engaging way. This has given me a practical understanding of harmony. The technical abilities I have acquired in the lessons have included learning to play major and minor pentatonic scales in multiple positions. Combining both of these elements has allowed me to develop a strong confidence in improvisational techniques.

I had also previously struggled to perform basic strumming patterns but with his patience and encouragement I am making progress.

I thoroughly enjoy our lessons, which have helped motivate me to dedicate the time and effort to continue progressing.  I particularly enjoy working with Chris to try to understand and copy the classic rock songs that I grew up with.” - Glyn B

George R


Chris is a fantastic guitar teacher! He really listened to my wants and considered my ability level to tailor a great session for me. He made the lesson engaging, educational and even gave me some things to take away and do in my own time. I would highly recommend Chris to anybody looking to learn to play the guitar. 🎸 - George R 

Anushka T

Anushka Tripathi on Piano .jpg

"Anushka started piano lessons with Chris a few months ago and her improvement and finesse whilst playing is quite remarkable. With his help she passed her grade exam with flying colours and is already preparing steadily for the next grade. 


Chris not only inculcated a passion for piano in her but also trained her towards a robust foundation in piano skills. He works hard with her and spends a lot of time improving her technical knowledge of playing for example using a metronome to help perfect the pace etc. 


I can see a vast improvement in her in a short period of time and I highly recommend Chris as a Piano teacher for children.


I would also like to add that he has a lovely manner with children and Anushka enjoys learning from him so much that she waits for his lessons every week. He is also extremely helpful in case we need some flexibility with lessons. I cannot recommend him enough." Pranali T

Dario R

Dario Photo.jpg

"Chris has been my guitar tutor since late 2019, I have nothing but praise for him. Throughout my time learning guitar, I have worked with several teachers; However, Chris stands out amongst them, keeping lessons interesting whilst also working towards my grade exam goals.

Chris has been able and continues to identify my weaknesses, working on improving them whilst keeping lessons interesting and enjoyable. He breaks the lesson down to cover a number of areas ranging from theory to technique, be it breaking down a song from a theory perspective and or challenging my technical skills.

Whilst focusing on the grade books and pieces, Chris ensures that I build a strong foundation of skills integrating improvisation, listening and music theory knowledge into lessons. My theory knowledge, in particular, has improved significantly since having him as a tutor.

Most recently, Chris has helped me pass my Grade 7 exam achieving a Merit. I would have nothing but praise in recommending Chris to anyone who is aspiring in learning how to play the guitar. He is dedicated, punctual and prepared for each lesson. I highly recommend him.

It has been a pleasure working with him and I will continue to work with him as I continue to progress in my grades."

" - Dario R

Chris W

Chris West - Guitar Student - review .jpeg

"I originally started to learn to play the guitar to keep busy during Lockdown. I started with a well-known guitar brand's learning platform but soon realised that to make progress I needed some structured guidance. 

Chris came highly recommended as a guitar tutor who was highly skilled with immense technical knowledge and someone who would be able to give me the structured lessons I would need to improve.

I have been with Chris for nearly a year now and have seen a big improvement in my ability and confidence. His lessons are excellently planned and tailored to developing my individual progress. As a teacher Chris is adaptable and has an engaging presence, but most of all he is patient."

" - Chris W


Benjamin Photo_edited.png

"Benjamin decided to start playing the guitar during lockdown and despite only having had online lessons with Chris, he achieved a Distinction for his grade 1 classic guitar exam after only a few months. He has since started playing the electric guitar as well and is preparing for his next exam.I believe Chris has been instrumental not only to Benjamin’s exam achievements but also to his love for the instrument and playing in general. 

Chris is very friendly, patient, professional and knowledgeable. His lessons are engaging and fun. He is always very supportive and able to give constructive feedback during the lesson. I also love the fact that Chris is always happy to have a little chat about music, suggest guitarists or bands to listen to, and answer any random technical question my son may ask him! 

Chris is very professional and organised, each lesson is well planned and homework is given every week to practise and improve what has been covered during the lesson. We have been recommending Chris to all our friends who have been looking for a guitar teacher for their children and are very much looking forward to starting face-to-face lessons with Chris in the near future." - Val M

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